Why eat crickets?

2.2x more iron than spinach
10x more vitamin b12 than salmon
3x more protein than beef
3x more potassium than banana
2x more protein than soy

What People Say

I’m always looking for the best new thing in protein and protein supplements- I add cricket powder (cricket flour) to my smoothie every morning.
Mohamad, Body Builder Los Angeles, 28 years old
I’m an adventurous eater- nothing really scares me. I had my first tacos with crickets when I was in Mexico a few years back, and I was so excited to see.
Jason, Foodie San Francisco, 30 years old
I’ve been adding cricket powder to my home-baked cookies and banana bread for months now. My kids are such picky eaters, and I was so worried that they never got any protein.
Mina, Mom of 3 Alberta, 35 years old
I learned about the impressive nutritional profile of insects, and decided to try adding them to my diet.
Arielle Marathon Runner
I loved them! They were crunchy and kind of tasted like nuts. I want them in my lunch bag for school so that I can freak people out while I eat them!
Max, 7 years old Toronto
I have always cared about doing what’s best for the environment, and eating insects is an easy way for me to do my part to help. They’re delicious- I throw some into my oatmeal every morning.
Ravi, 22 years old Vancouver