Everything Cricket Sample Pack

Entomo Farms is pleased to offer this complete sample pack for those wanting to try some ready to eat cricket products manufactured by Entomo Farms along with some of our customers products

This package includes 1 each of the following items

NAAK - Energy Bar
Bite Snacks -  Ginger Snack Bar
Landish Mint Chocolate Bar
Future Foodz - Cricket Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar

Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch - Chirpy Jerky

Melio - Fusilli Pasta

Bite Snacks - Chocolate Shake Sample Pack

and of course 
Entomo Farms 

Cricket Powder
Plain Whole Roasted Crickets 
Chili Lime Crickets (please note bbq are photographed above)


This Everything Pack gives you all the best in products made with the healthy goodness of cricket powder. From shakes, to bars, and pasta, this pack has it all!

Naak Energy Bar- Banana Chocolate

This delicious and nutritious energy bar is a complete, sustainable protein with all essential amino acids. It is high in vitamin B12, high in calcium, iron, potassium, and is made with the natural sugars of maple syrup and dates.  Each bar has 180 calories,  6g protein, vitamin B12, 28 G carbohydrates.

Bite snacks Bar- Ginger

This energy bar is gluten free, dairy free, non gmo, 80% organic

The ginger flavour is a perfect sweet and spicy combo from pure organic ginger and organic dates. With the crunch of almonds, you have one satisfying, addictive snack. This bar is a high-five to your internal warrior.

Landish Bar- Mint Chocolate 50 g

A bar like no other! The Landish bar is much higher nutrient-density than mainstream protein bars and no gassy or chalky proteins like pea, soy or whey

Future Foods - Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar 45 g

This bar contains 14g of protein per bar (28%- DV%)and is intended to keep consumers satisfied and energized by combining the sweet Belgian Chocolate with an array of sustainable proteins to complete the health and overall taste component.

RMMR Chirpy Jerky 1 oz

Savor the world’s first edible insect-based pemmican style jerky – Chirpy Jerky! With a delicious mesquite barbecue flavor, each pack has 7 grams of insect-based protein from cricket powder and whole crickets, is dairy, soy, nut and gluten free, plus a full day’s serving of whole, organic vegetables

Melio Fusilli Pasta

Melio pasta is at the forefront of sustainable nutrition, combining cricket flour, the latest culinary trend, with a mix of wheat semolina and yellow peas. This 100% Quebec product combines great taste and exceptional nutritional qualities, while diversifying meatless food options.

Bite Snacks Shake

A delicious, healthy and nutritious chocolate smoothie!  Add a heaping spoonful of cricket protein powder to your smoothie, or to anything that could use a dose of chocolatey-nutrient-dense-goodness. This powder is blended with cricket powder, hemp protein, brown rice protein, fair trade cocoa powder and other delicious and nutritious ingredients!

Bug Bistro Chili Lime Crickets 15g

Enjoy these delicious, seasoned crickets. Light, airy and crunchy, crickets are a complete protein, are high in B12, Iron, Prebiotic Fibre, and many other highly bioavailable micronutrients.

Whole Roasted Crickets 15g

Naturally gluten-free, these whole roasted crickets have a natural nutty flavour. They are dairy free, wheat free and paleo friendly. A complete protein, crickets are also high in B12, Iron, Prebiotic Fibre and many other highly available micronutrients.

Powder 56g

Cricket powder is a complete protein, boasting all 9 Essential Amino Acids, is high in B12, Iron, Omega 3 and 6, Prebiotic Fibre and many other highly Bioavailable micronutrients. It is almost 70% Protein, has more Calcium than milk, more iron than spinach, and almost 20 times more B12 than beef. 

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Everything Cricket Sample Pack

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Everything Cricket Sample Pack