Frass Fertilizer - Spike Capsules

  • STRAIGHT FROM NATURE: 100% cricket frass. No chemicals, synthetics, or pesticides. NPK of 7-4-3
  • FEED YOUR SOIL: Exoskeleton sheddings with chitin improve soil health and trigger plant growth
  • NO SMELL, EASY TO USE: Capsule “spikes” make it easy! Push 2 into each pot every two weeks and water
  • GREAT FOR HOUSEPLANTS AND CONTAINERS: Resealable bag for easy storage, safe for pets

SUSTAINABLE, ORGANIC FERTILIZER: 100% all-natural "frass" - cricket poop and exoskeleton sheddings with nothing added. Certified by Eco-Cert as an approved input for organic farming. 

FASTER, HEALTHIER GROWTH WITH CHITIN: N-P-K of 7-4-3 with micronutrients. Chitin from the exoskeleton sheddings feeds healthy soil bacteria and triggers plant defenses for faster growth, more buds, and stronger flavors. 

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Local farmers have used our frass for years and now you can too! Frass is from crickets raised by Entomo Farms in inspected, human-grade Canadian facilities. Crickets are raised in a dry environment and fed livestock-grade grains for high quality. 
EASY TO USE: Push 2-3 capsules into soil near plant stems every two weeks and water. No mess! Safe for pets. 

OUR COMMITMENT: "Our family started Entomo Farms to produce a sustainable protein. But we were thrilled to discover our crickets produce this robust, all-natural fertilizer and soil amendment, so now our farm has almost no waste. We use it ourselves and hope it benefits your plants as much as it has ours!"

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    Frass Fertilizer - Spike Capsules

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    Frass Fertilizer - Spike Capsules