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Buy More, Save More! Cricket Combo! 'Jump Aboard' Cricket Combo!

Now, all our Cricket Powders are Gluten Free!

You've heard about the great health benefits of adding edible crickets into your diet and you're ready to add this sustainable ingredient into your favourite dishes. Great decision! We've made it easy for you.

This 'Jump Aboard' Combo provides you with enough cricket powder to add into a smoothie, sauces, dips, chili or baked goods and some Whole-Roasted Crickets to add on top of a salad, wrap, sandwich, pizza or just simply to snack on. The 'Jump Aboard' Combo is only $17.95, instead of over $23!

That's a savings of almost 25%! This 'Jump Aboard' Combo also makes a great gift!

*The 'Jump Aboard' Combo includes a 113g bag of Cricket Powder and 56g bag of Whole-Roasted Crickets.

Allergen alert: shellfish, soy

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Never frozen, nothing added, nothing taken away - no blended flours, fillers or flavours. Our cricket powder (cricket flour) is a great way to add delicious flavour and a powerful protein punch to almost anything you can imagine. Insect protein is perfect in soups, salad dressings, desserts, smoothies, and more.


Cricket powder is a complete protein, boasting all 9 Essential Amino Acids, is high in B12, Iron, Prebiotic Fibre and many other highly Bioavailable micronutrients. It is almost 70% Protein, has more Calcium than milk, more Iron than spinach, and almost 20 times more B12 than beef.


Entirely 100% Canadian grown- Roasted and ground into a fine powder right here in the Entomo Farms kitchen.

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Jump Aboard Combo

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Jump Aboard Combo